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Marble Knights
WayForward Technologies
Level Designer
As a Level Designer on Marble Knights, I was charged with designing the levels for two worlds:
- World 3: Wizard Academy
- World 5: Witch Wood
Each world had 3 levels within. 
I worked with the Director to draft paper prototypes on graph paper to proof my designs. 
Once approved, I moved on to the 2D block out using parameters set forth by the Director to ensure synergy across all Worlds. Once the timing and flow were approved, I then placed enemies and scripted events; including enemy encounters, cutscenes, puzzles, camera splines, and interactive items.
You can check out the all the videos of my work by clicking the channel to the right.
Marble Knights Channel

Marble Knights Channel

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Daily Tasks
  • Create all initial level designs from 2D paper proto-types on graph paper

  • Blocked out levels using property technology developed for Marble Knights in Unity

  • Brainstorm unique traps and hazards unique to the world

  • Designed traversal puzzles

  • Scripted all events within World 2 and World 4

    • Triggered Events

      • Enemy spawns

      • Camera cuts

      • Gates​

  • Co-Designed Boss Battle for World 5 - Witch Wood

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