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Frozen Adventures
Jam City
Level Designer
I worked on Frozen Adventures, a match 3 game, as a Level Designer for nearly 10 months.
While on the project, I was required to deliver up to 10 levels per week. I helped contribute over 350 levels while on Frozen Adventures.
I also took part in daily reviews of colleagues' work as well as participated in round table brainstorms for new mechanics and features as a means to stand out against competitors.
Frozen Adventures Official Announce Trailer

Frozen Adventures Official Announce Trailer

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Daily Tasks
  • Brainstorm new mechanics with the Lead Designer and colleagues

  • Produce quality designs in a fast-paced environment

  • Reviewed Junior-Mid level designers' work, while providing constructive feedback

  • Observed daily analytics and balanced levels based on player drop off

  • Contributed upwards to 350 levels for the Frozen Adventure IP

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