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WayForward Technologies
Level Designer
Get ready to embark on an adventure in Disney Descendants! Create your own unique character, design fashionable outfits, and hang out with Mal, Evie, Ben and more of your favorite Descendants. Become ‘Legendary’ at the prestigious Auradon Prep, where every day is an incredible journey! 
Descendants is a point and click advenure game where the overall objective is to become the most popular kid in school.
My Involvement

I worked with the creative team of both WayForward Technologies and Disney to create an immersive experience that follows the imaginative story of Disney's Descendants.  I was in charge of creating the bulk of main story missions, along with 80% of the side quests.  While on the project, I was in given a set of tasks listed below.

  • Worked closely with designers and directors to conceptualize the story and missions.

  • Built bulk of gameplay script in Excel

  • Constructed data driven sheets that programmers plugged into the game.

  • Sketched paper designs of story flow.

  • Used map to layout all points of interest.

  • Constructed all rooms and added scripts to make them "game ready"

  • Worked with programming team to create intuitive engine tools.

  • Worked with leads to communicate daily progress and tasks

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