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Injustice 2
Frame Machine
Technical Artist
I worked as a Unreal/Motion Builder (MOBU) technical artist on the scenes provided in the video to the right. My main task was taking motion capture files in MOBU and setting them up in the Unreal Engine. I was also responsible for ensuring props aligned correctly in both MOBU and Unreal, all characters in scene were on the proper rotation axis, and face captures were synced with all V.O. Once these steps were accounted for, I'd then deliver the file to the animation team for a facial animation pass.
When Facial animations were signed off, I'd then import all files into the Unreal engine. For each scene, I'd have to create anim trees, import skeletal rigs/props, import all facial animations, set up cameras, attach fx (when necessary), craft blueprint visual scripting events, and stream all necessary files into the new Cinema scene (Background Art, Lighting, etc).
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