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Perpetual Testing Initiative

Portal 2 Maps

Aperture Sewers v1.1

Had a lot of random ideas, so I just threw them together in this puzzle! Fairly straight forward and simple.

There are a few bugs I'm aware of, but I wanted to put this out there to collect more data from you guys! Let me know what you think!

AP-NAG/T-001 v1.0
Taking a break from larger maps for the moment. I'm going to work on a series of smaller puzzles and then go back to the larger ones!

Hope you enjoy!

Laser Pits v1.1

Quick map I wanted to knock out. There will probably be a kinks, but I'll change them as I get critiques.

Playtime takes 5 minutes to run through[That is with 100% understanding on how puzzles operate]

Map took 7 hours to construct. Enjoy!

Buttons Galore v1.0

Collect all 4 keys to pass the test!

Cube 1.0
My first large map!  Try to think outside the box when attempting this one!  If you think you can solve it, go ahead a click the button below!

Lasers v1.1

#3 of my portal maps. Understanding the process a lot better, and trying to make my maps a little more complex.


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