River City Girls
WayForward Technologies
Level Designer
As a Level Designer at River City Girls at WayForward Technologies, I was in charge of placing all interactable objects and enemies throughout the game. I was also in charge of scripting all quests using proprietary tools created by the engineering team as well as setting up the majority of triggered events. 
Additionally, I helped balance enemies with the Directors guidance on the difficulty.
Daily Tasks
  • Designed and placed all enemies through the game

  • Balanced enemy difficulty with director

  • Placed background art throughout the majority of the game

  • Cut up art and applied scripts for priority sorting

  • Scripted events such as camera moves, quests, enemy spawning, etc.

  • Built 85% of all world geometry and collision in-game

  • Placed all weapons, pickups and interactable items

  • Set up all doors and finalized general flow of the game with the director

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