Til Mornings Light
WayForward Technologies
Lead Designer
Til Morning’s Light is a creepy action-adventure game set in a haunted mansion afflicted with a 200-year-old curse. Locked inside by bullies, Erica, the game’s high school heroine, will need to discover how to break the curse and escape by morning. Using Dynamic Perspective to aid in her investigation of the mansion and its artifacts, guide Erica through a single frightful night of exploration, puzzle-solving, and creature encounters. 
My Involvement

I worked with the Creative Director and a team of designers to maintain the integrity of the storyline while crafting puzzles that would eventually drive the player through the game.  As a lead,  I assigned daily tasks, reviewed work and provided feedback to my team to ensure the highest quality possible.

  • Brainstormed with Creative Director on all logic driven puzzles

  • Conceptualized physical puzzle mechanics.

  • Outlined standards and naming conventions readable to the design team.

  • Sketched paper prototypes for physical puzzles

  • Used map to layout all points of interest.

  • Directed all in game cinematic events.

  • Worked with programming team to create intuitive engine tools.

  • Lead daily morning meetings to review work and give team daily tasks.

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