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Alone in the Woods

Unreal 4 Mod
Single Player Demo
(You can play through the demo yourself by clicking the link below)

​In this playable demo, I constructed this entire mod from the ground up (with the exception of some 3D assets). I used blueprint to create the main characters controls (Flashlight, Movement, keyboard inputs, Footprint SFX) along with basic trigger events (Doors, lights, Cinematic events). 

Unreal Editor [3.0-UDK]

Custom Maps


UDK [05/2012]

​Basic Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch map.  MP-Ruins can hold up to 12 players.



UDK [06-2011]

​After being shot down in enemy territory, you must fight your way through an enemy bunker to escape!  Find any means of transport, and get back to home base!

Single Player

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