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Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Pop
Tic Toc Games
Senior Designer
Though very similar in terms of bubble designs in Pac Man Pop and Kitty Paw, Wheel of fortune had an additional layer of puzzle solving. I was responsible for deciphering which word puzzles would be introduced, as well as determining difficulty ramping, obstacle debuts and monetization tactics.
As a Senior Designer at Tic Toc Games, I was responsible for ensuring quality standards on all levels that were submitted by Associate and mid level designers. I reviewed work, provided feedback and coached my team alongside the Lead designer, whilst also providing 40 original designs of my own. 
Daily Tasks
  • Brainstorm new mechanics with Lead and associate designers

  • Create and manage production spreadsheets for designers

  • Reviewed Junior-Mid level designers work, while providing constructive feedback

  • Prototype new mechanics, boosters and obstacles in the GDD

  • Collaborate with programmers and artists to ensure the vision of the Director

  • Worked with programming team to create intuitive engine tools to maximize level building efficiency

  • Reviewed post launch analytics in order to tweak designs for optimal user experience

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